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Jr. High Art


Storyboards are a way to visually represent each scene in a movie during the planning stages. They are not animated but, instead, represent precisely what the camera will show the audience.  When you watch a movie and see a scene change or a change in angle (ex: you see a picture of a park, then someone's face, then three people turning towards a sound, then a dog running, etc...).  All of the visual elements flow seamlessly in a movie because they are planned carefully before any talent (performers/actors) or crew (camera operators, grips, etc.) begin working.  

Here is a link to a storyboard artist's site so you can see some examples: http://illustrations.greghigh.com/storyboard_design.html

Assignment:  View the video below.  It contains three short clips about teamwork.  In groups of two, choose your favourite clip (one of the three group scenes) and storyboard it using the template provided.  Remember, every time the camera angle changes or anything new is added, you have to add it to the storyboard.