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Here is an example of how to make a Zoetrope.  The version in this video is very similar to how we will be making ours.

YouTube Video

Here is a commercial example with a number of different animations, including one original design.  This shows clearly how it is supposed to work.

YouTube Video

What is this thing?

The Zoetrope produces the illusion of movement by viewing individual images through narrow slits in a rotating cylinder. The device was created with the name Doedaleum (wheel of the devil) in 1833 by English mathematician William George Horner (1786-1837). It is based on similar principles (persistence of vision) as the phenakistoscope but was an advancement because it doesn't require a viewing mirror and it can be used by more than one person at once. (Wikipedia, Zoetrope History)

Assessment will center around process and product.

Ask yourself:
  • is my animation clear?
  • is my animation unique and original?
  • is the animation cyclical (does it end where it begins)?
  • is my construction sturday?