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Stop Motion Analysis

Take a look at this video.

YouTube Video

Assignment Introduction
As you know, all movies, cartoons, etc., are basically 'stop motion' animation.  They are created from individual still frames being flipped, switched, or changed in rapid succession.  The video on the left is no exception -- it is made up of many individual frames.

The Task
Choose one of the three animated segments in the video and, using the template provided, deconstruct it to create a storyboard that accurately reflects the 'story' of the animation.  Remember to use images and words to highlight the sixteen different blocks of the storyboard -- this will require you to make decisions about what images to include and which ones to leave out.

You will create a photostory of your completed storyboard and upload it to youtube, along with a link to this video.

Assessment will be based on both process and product.

Ask yourself:
  • Does my storyboard have clear images and phrases?
  • Does my storyboard accurately portray the key points of the 'story'?
  • Is the story complete? 

Corey Ivany,
Aug 19, 2016, 6:24 AM