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Book Making Project

Here is a video that has a lot of characteristics in common with the method we'll be using.  We will also view a video from the Department of Education in class and observing a live-sample construction. 

YouTube Video

What is this thing?

When a book is made it is 'bound' -- sheets of paper are bound together usually using glue, wire/staples, plastic or metal rings, or stitches. Binding books is as much an art form as writing/creating the content and there are many different ways to go about it.  In this class, we'll be using staples to construct a "multiple signature" book.  

A signature in the context of book binding refers to a set of pages that will contain content.  Signatures are used to keep the bound edge from becoming too thick. We'll be using three octavo signatures (four pages or 'folios' folded in half and stacked together so that each signature has 8 inside faces and a total of 16 back-to-back pages). 


Assessment will be based on process and product.

Ask yourself:
  • Are my signatures carefully created and bound?
  • Does my cover have a spine?
  • Are my folds crisp?
  • Do my page edges align?
  • Do the front/back covers represent my interests?
  • Is the book 'tidy' and attractive?